When Suerte found me

“What the heck was that???”

Heart racing, brain confusion, checking the area. A dark shadow had just crossed the street in front of me on the highway, almost impossible to be noticed and nearly ran over by the car I was driving.

My brain literally went like this:

“Animal. Dog. Small dog. Very small. Oh my, a puppy!?”

I slowed down and turned around on the highway going back to where I had seen the being. I stopped the car and flicked on the warning signals, took my mobile phone as a torch and looked and called out for the being. It was so dark that all my eyes could see were the outlines of things, and for sure there was not a creature.

I pointed and spotlighted in all directions made soft noises but nothing to see or hear. “It wasn’t meant to be then!” I thought and slowly started to head back towards the car. And there it was!

“Eeeeeeeeou… woof!” I am here.

There it sat, a little baby dog, all black itself on the side of the road calling me back to it. And I did follow. Hello, I said and the tiny body was shaking. Trying to understand what was best to survive, run or stay. I picked it up and it must have changed its mind for a moment as it started to bark (or something like it) all the way to the car.

When we sat down, I held it gently but tight to my belly, my hand on top. "It will all be well little one, you are safe now!"


That was the answer. Poo and wee all over me. So scared the little one was. And then I realised the actual smell coming from her.

Stinky, heavy fish smell and my hands were already crumbling from the dirt she had in her fur. "Let’s go. You need food, it will all be okay."

I opened the window a little and off we went.


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