Self Defence I perceive as another form of Self Care. Speaking as a woman: it changed my life!

Join this UNIQUE empowering concept

combining SelfCare and SelfDefence

women for women

Knowing how to protect yourself can deepen your relationship between you and your body.

It can heal old wounds as much as strengthen your confidence. 

In our classes we will go beyond Self Defence techniques and focus on how can you take Self Care full on!

What is Beyond Defence?

    BeyondDefence is a holistic concept of human self-care. Initially, the aim was to create a concept to teach individual physical self-defence in the form of techniques adding the work on the mindset to enable to apply such techniques.


    Throughout the process, I realised that Self Defence is actually a form of Self Care. As a society, we mostly tend to find Self Care in a career (wealth), (physical healthiness) wellness products and services, and our activities. Often followed by healthy nutrition and loving relationships.


BeyondDefence is built on individual self-experience! 



     In easy steps, we assemble access for literally everyone and expand our self-care fluidly and individually.


    The long forgotten and forbidden capabilities each of us inherits are brought back to life and give you ownership back of your individual power living inside of you.

BeyondDefence operates on all levels of our human existence and beyond, as spiritual beings that we are.

    The term BeyondDefence stands for saying yes to yourself. It stands for the decision of taking care of yourself. To teach your human castle defence skills, yet to remember our collective interconnection.


Have a little peak

what your journey is about

Taking Self Care to the next level

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Women's Awakening, México - December 06th - 8th, 2019




their response

“I had the pleasure of participating in three “BeyondDefence” workshops with Mia in Baja, Mexico.  I am so excited and inspired by what learned so far, and I look forward to continuing study with her.  


Her teaching style is very effective.  She personalizes her workshops based on the lifestyles and personal concerns of her students.  After only three classes, I felt more physically, mentally and emotionally empowered.  


As a single woman with children, the practices have already made me feel so much more aware and prepared for a variety of situations.  I was able to share simple, yet empowering tips with my children as well.


Mia was patient, focused and attentive.  Each day I walked away surprised as to how much knowledge and practice I took away in just two hours. Mia helped me access the power, strength and confidence within myself to confront anything from an awkward situation to life threatening attack. We had some fun, too! Thank you, Mia!”


Marimar Higgins

Founder and CEO of Cuatro Vientos

and La Esquina, Todos Santos, México

Baja California Sur, México

“I don’t want to say empowered, as I find this word has been used too much for too many things - but this is actually how I felt 

Mia is a very knowledgeable teacher. She creates a safe space for learning and addresses individual concerns. She gives individual feedback – her class is really focused on each person doing their best, not “cookie-cutter” training.

The class is not about fighting. It’s about being aware and avoiding a bad situation but also teaching the skills and knowledge to act decisively when needed.

We worked in small groups and one-on-one on specific techniques for different situations. We worked hard but had fun too. I learned a lot and would recommend Mia’s classes."


Janice Kinne

Publisher, Journal del Pacifico, México

"I attended an introductory workshop with Mia and started to understand that self defence is not just about fighting an attacker. The holistic approach encouraged personal examination of my reaction to situations and defining my boundaries.

I was introduced to practical ways to deal with a potential attacker and some physical techniques to fight back. I have more to learn and look forward to this.”


Celia Devault

Journal del Pacifico, México

If this is important for you, find here my official qualifications despite my heart and soul:

Green Belt, Krav Maga

Certified Basic Instructor, SAFE International

Trainee Instructor, Krav Maga Hamburg

Certified Personal Development Coach with focus on

Emotional Management and Personality Traits

Graduate Degree in Educational Science and Psychology

UEFA B-Level Football Coach (a lot of mindset work!!)

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